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Detailing Tips & Tricks from the John Bull Garage

The proper appearance care of your vehicle is not rocket science. It is the practical
application of the right tools with the knowledge of doing the job right. At the John Bull
Garage we hope to share with you these Tips and Tricks that will make your car Concours
ready and greatly reduce the effort it takes to keep it looking that way. Distinction is in the
details and it’s the little details that set your car apart from the rest.
The Proper Order of things…
Mothers Polishes is the leader in the detailing industry and advocates a simple seven step
process to care for your car.
1. Brush, vacuum and clean the interior
2. Clean wheels and tires with chemicals
3. Wash exterior of car
4. Apply tire dressing
5. Polish the wheels
6. Clean and treat exterior trim
7. Polish and wax paint finish
At the John Bull garage, we add an eighth and final step we simply call Details.
Let’s take each of these in order.
We assume you know how to vacuum but here are some great Tips & Tricks for
keeping the interior of your vehicle clean.
Carpet Care and Interior Odors
Woolite Heavy Traffic is one of the best household carpet cleaners I’ve found. It is
especially helpful with the ground in dirt in the heel area of car mats.
Arm and Hammer Baking Soda will refresh your carpets and remove smells that
eventually overpower that sweet smell of Connolly leather! Sprinkle liberally in the
nap and let sit over night. I keep a small open-topped Tupperware container of Arm
and Hammer in the garage near the car.
HINT: When I come home with that smelly bag of Chinese take-out, I place the
Tupperware in the car so the next day the odor is 100% gone and my new-car smell
is back…and will remain so!
Baking soda is also a natural acid neutralizer and will stop battery acid spills from
damaging your car. Wash the battery tray out yearly as a preventative.

for the complete tips download here

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