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Essentials to start an Automotive Detailing Business

Starting your own detailing business is a rather simple process. There are some caveats and information you should be aware of before you move ahead on it. The first one being, is it something you like to do? I ask this because the work involved in detailing a vehicle is labor intensive sometimes. That is unless you plan to build a business and hire all your staff, detailers, etc. In that case, there is no labor for you in the actual polishing, and detailing processes.

What is Automotive Detailing?

Auto detailing is basically performing an extremely thorough cleaning of a vehicle, inside and out. As well as paint restoration and correction. The primary focus of an auto detailer is the paint. Most people associate detailing services with fixing the paint and making it look like new, removing all the imperfections, scratches, swirls, stains, oxidization and more. Many people detail cars for pure enjoyment, some do it as a full time business or are employed as automotive detailers. Either way, there is a general dedication among most professional detailers to acquire the best finish they can on vehicles. An experienced detailer has a wide range of knowledge of the materials, paints, and fabrics in all makes of cars and trucks. They also have a wide range of chemicals used to clean, treat, protect and make any vehicle shine above the rest. They use their knowledge and understanding of the varied surfaces to rejuvenate and protect the entire vehicle. An automotive detailer also has to be able to experiment and learn new techniques, especially as new materials become common among newer vehicles. Painting process, sealants, clear coats, fabric all change over time within the automotive world and a good detailer needs to keep up with these changes.

Starting a New Detailing Business

Starting a detailing business is no different then starting any other small business. There are locations to consider, but generally most new detailers start out of their house or garage. Many also incorporate a mobile server, which requires a few more resources and tools. For starting a new business from home and to work out of the garage, you will need to get a few things sorted out. First, you need to check with your local government on the laws for running a home based business. There are a lot of tax breaks and rules you will need to follow. Paperwork and proper records are probably the biggest part of it. You will also need a business license or registration, depending on the start, country or area you live. Giving you specific information on what forms to complete and where to go would be useless, every area is different. Start with your local city or town government website and go from there. Once you have the paperwork in order , it is time to acquire your startup material and tools.

The Tools and Equipment to Start a Detailing Business

Generally you will not need everything when you first start out, but you will need to have enough product, tools and supplies to meet the basic requirements of detailing a vehicle. The basic things you will be doing are engine, interior and exterior detailing. You will need to have a reasonable budget to start up and buy all your products. You will need at least the following items to be able to do a complete detail of a vehicle
* Vehicle Washing Buckets
* Washing Brush or preferably a micro fiber wash mitt
* Drying towels ( micro fiber only )
* Standard garden hose and spray nozzle
* Vacuum for interior work.
* A variety of spray bottles for your chemicals and cleaners
* Carpet brush - for removing stains, etc.
* Wax applicators
* Rotary or Dual Action Machine Polisher
* 3 to 8 polishing pads for the polisher
* Detailers Automotive Clay Bar
* A variety of polishes, heavy, medium, light - 1 of each to start
* A glaze type, finishing compound
* Wax or sealant product
* All purpose cleaning agent, water soluble
* All purpose detailer spray
* Tire cleaning and detailing product
* At least 30 to 50 small micro fiber cloths for cleaning and buffing

That should get you started with enough tools and products to complete a full vehicle. There are a lot more products you can buy and if you want to experiment and have the budget for it, great, get it all. As you work on vehicles and use the online resources , you will find that you want to try new products. When you have specific problems or issues with vehicles is when you end up picking up new items.

What's Next?

Now you need the customers. Well, if you are just starting out from your home, start spreading the work around to your friends, relatives, etc. You will probably have to show them what you can do, either with pictures or in person. I would recommend doing a few things at first. Go to your local automotive wrecking yard and get your self a used hood, preferably black ( best to practice on ), then set it up in your garage on a bench. Then tape off sections, about 8 sections. Then start using your products on each area, seeing what they can do, etc. Take pictures before and after everything you do. Use those pictures to advertise. Then once you get a section look good... scratch it up. Take your shoe, sand paper, a key, anything. Then see if you can remove the damage. Practice on the hood before you practice on a car. Next, you will want a car to work on. Detail your families cars for free, or start with your own. It really does not take long to figure out what works and what does not work. This also gives you the opportunity to see what other products you are missing.... say a leather cleaner and protectant, or an engine brush, a wheel brush, a trim detailer, glass cleaner, etc.... this list can go on for a long time.

I only briefly highlighted the basic things to start into the automotive detailing business, please take the time to look at all other resources as well. I hope I have provided you with some additional information you can use.


Top 3 Waxes
1. Meguiar's A-2216 Deep Crystal Carnuba Wax
2. Surf City Garage 150 Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax
3. Meguiar's M2611 #26 Yellow Wax Paste

Top 3 Sealants
1. Surf City Garage 701 Shine-On Sealer and Glaze System
2. Wizard's - Supreme Seal Paint Sealant (12oz) : 11500

So what is the best car wax maintainer? Whether you use a Carnauba wax or a sealant, the best way to maintain that “just waxed” look is to use a spray wax. With an “easy on - easy off” application, these products will maintain the highest gloss without re-waxing every time. Spray waxes are applied and taken off with microfiber towels like Surf City Garage's Nano-Detail Polishing Cloths (3/pack) or Meguiar's X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber - Pack of 3

Top 3 Spray Wax
1. Surf City Garage 100 Speed Demon Wax Detailer Spray
2. FLITZ Speed Waxx
3. Meguiar's G14422 Ultimate Quick Detailer

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